Company culture

Company culture

Established since 2007, FSI always focuses on researching and transferring advanced technology solutions on the basis of understanding the needs of customers to provide customers with smart and appropriate IT solutions. with reality, to bring value and high efficiency to customers.

All FSI officials and employees are always united to build a corporate culture with its own imprints and identities. Each staff member of the FSI family together builds the sustainable development of FSI in the spirit of:

- For customers: Dedicated, dedicated and flexible

- With colleagues: Solidarity and cooperation

- In work: Active, creative, responsible

- With suppliers, partners: Prestige and professional.

- With the community: Understand and share

Some cultural activities of FSI

FSI organizes summer tour 2018

FSI organizes summer tourism 2017

FSI organizes a cooking competition on March 8

FSI organizes giving Christmas gifts to children