Company culture

Company culture

Established since 2007, FSI always focuses on researching and transferring advanced technology solutions on the basis of understanding the needs of customers to provide customers with smart and appropriate IT solutions. with reality, to bring value and high efficiency to customers.

FSI targets to build a professional, united and open working environment, creating opportunities for all members to develop their professional skills as well as to improve themselves. In addition, the company always focuses on training activities to nurture talents and build a spiritual life of rich and healthy for all employees.

All officials and employees of FSI are constantly building a corporate culture with its own imprint and identity. Each employee is a member of the FSI house together to build a sustainable development of FSI in the spirit of:

- With customers: Dedication, Commitment and Flexibility

- With colleagues: Solidarity and Cooperation

- In the work: Dynamic, Creative, Responsible

- With suppliers, partners: Prestige, Professional

- With the community: Understanding Sharing

Company culture

Some cultural activities of FSI