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Technology and its exciting impact on corporate culture

Technology is applied extremely flexibly in many areas of life. So naturally, they will have certain impacts on the working culture of each busines

Technology is applied extremely flexibly in many areas of life. So naturally, they will have certain impacts on the working culture of each busines

Technology and its exciting impact on corporate culture

According to a report by Singapore Management University, research on cultural transformation in the digital age in the Asia-Pacific region, when asked about barriers, up to 87% of respondents Surveys show that the biggest barrier comes from organizational culture, not technology.

Professor Sattar Bawany, a key consultant of Performance Works International, also said that in order to achieve the positive effects of technology, it is necessary to understand the current new technologies as well as their nature. can be successfully applied to the culture and operating processes of the enterprise.

In addition to leaders needing to be knowledgeable about technology, it is also necessary to pay attention to the following effects of technology on the life and working environment of personnel:

Break down the “barriers”

The application of workplace technology has helped break down the walls between employees and managers. Tools/software to support document sharing on the Cloud platform provide an easy repository for personnel to search and view documents. The amount of information from upper management can be easily passed on to the receiving staff, making employees almost as knowledgeable as the executive team and promoting a greater sense of equality.

Allows members to collaborate from anywhere in the world. Cooperation between offices and branches becomes easier thanks to the internal connection network, which both helps to ensure confidential information and is convenient for sharing information.

Many businesses are also using Chatbot to communicate between offices and branches to exchange internal information with each other or connect employees to become teams and groups to exchange after working hours.

Support professional development, personnel training

Career development and professional training are often considered a "must have" for the millennials (1980-1995) - the main and most important workforce today. And if their current leadership doesn't offer career development opportunities, they'll join a company with better compensation.

Personnel training becomes a minimum requirement for businesses

With software that supports online learning and training, employees can expand their knowledge base and skill set, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Many software also offer professional certifications, which can assist employees in their work.

Learning and training software helps foster a growth environment that helps employees feel encouraged and want to stay for the long haul. This is one of the characteristics that help companies retain employees and employers easily attract talent.

Enhance the spirit of solidarity and cooperation anytime, anywhere

A united workforce is a productive workforce, technology and work environment is essential for any organization that wants to promote corporate teamwork.

Collaboration software enables connectivity between all employees, no matter where they are in the world. It facilitates communication between departments and ensures everyone involved in a project is always on the same page, reducing frustration and unnecessary repetitive work.

Thanks to human resources software in the company, it is easy to find the source of ideas, encourage each employee to feel more confident in voicing their opinion, help employees feel more attached to the leader and co-workers. Karma.

Work-life balance is being affected by technology

However, the impact of workplace technology on company culture is not always positive. The ability to work from a mobile device can create a “24/24” environment – ​​one where managers expect employees to respond to emails and solve problems even outside of working hours.

Human resources feel "stressed" because the workload when working from home is many times higher than usual

While technology mobility supports a flexible workplace, being connected 24/7 can have a big impact on an employee's work-life balance. Without a healthy balance between their workloads and their personal lives, employees quickly burn out, morale plummets, and revenue drops.

Business owners should arrange breaks for employees so that they can temporarily stop working, forget the pressure, can focus on taking care of themselves, taking care of their families and doing their own jobs. .

Most organizations recognize the importance of corporate culture, but not all businesses understand which factors can affect their culture in both positive and negative ways. However, the use of modern technologies in the working process will help increase productivity and performance.