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Solutions for enterprise development during FSI pandemic COVID 19

The increasing epidemic situation affects all aspects of economic and social life, making many businesses face difficulties. Join us in the meeting with Mr. Nguyen Hung Son - FSI General Director to share more about how FSI copes with pandemic?

Solutions for enterprise development during FSI pandemic COVID 19

Ông Nguyễn Hùng Sơn – CEO FSI cho rằng, phòng ngự chắc và phản công nhanh để sẵn sàng tăng trưởng sau đại dịch

The impact of the COVID 19 epidemic on business development

Sir, is the unit operating in the field of technology, services and pandemic affect FSI?

Regardless of any industry, businesses use a lot of labour, will be also seriously affected. You just try to imagine, just one case found to be suspected of infection is that the entire team, company and contact people will be isolated, causing disruption to production and business activities.

At FSI, our staff are working on a number of projects across the country, so a prolonged epidemic will put pressure on all of our staff when moderately focused on schedule, moderate focus against epidemics, ensure health so as not to affect the whole team in isolation.

Business development solutions of FSI during the pandemic

With such influences, how does FSI plan to overcome this difficult period?

Upon hearing the news of an epidemic, the Board of Directors immediately met and devised various business plans, ensuring timely response to market fluctuations as well as fluctuations of Covid epidemic.

In the period of stressful epidemics, we still stick to our business plans and strategies set at the beginning of the year. In terms of tactics, FSI quickly adjusted its deployment, and set up three major goals during this period:

- The first is to ensure occupational safety for all employees and customers, partners of FSI. Target 100% of employees and partners - FSI's partners will not be infected with Covid due to subjective faults of FSI.

- Next is a list of costs that can be cut and a roadmap of reduction that is appropriate for each business scenario we have built to deal with each worst case of disease,

- Finally, review and optimize all aspects of FSI such as: organizational structure, quality of human resources, products, production - sales processes, internal processes, customer service, investment activities, cooperation alliances, ... to get ready to react to the market right after the epidemic.

What has FSI done to ensure the goal of "ensuring occupational safety for all employees, customers, partners of FSI" during the current outbreak?

At FSI, we always emphasize "prevention is better than disease", so as soon as an epidemic occurs, FSI proactively prevents epidemics in accordance with the direction of the State such as spraying disinfectant at office, equipping water antibacterial hand washing, giving free masks to all employees, controlling body temperature for employees when coming to work in focus, postponing all entertainment programs, avoiding crowded gatherings such as ice tea, coffee, festivals , …

Solutions for enterprise development during FSI pandemic COVID 19

He shared about how to prepare a business scenario for hedging, so before the stressful disease situation, what does FSI prioritize in this period?

At this stage, we focus on optimizing the organization by moving, rearranging the positions accordingly, focusing on online training and encouraging personnel to attend more advanced courses to get higher knowledge, other skills to serve the job

In addition, focusing on researching and improving product strengths, adding complementary products and in line with market trends in the epidemic stage, as well as the post-epidemic period. In parallel with the development of the product itself, we also associate, cooperate with other partners to expand the product supply as well as utilize the resources of the parties and develop the market together.

In particular, this is a very good time for us to accelerate our digital transformation activities at FSI itself. Digital transformation activities have been applied by FSI since the beginning of 2019, 85% of FSI's business processes have been brought to the digital environment, and in this outbreak, it has shown the clear benefits of the decision. planning to convert numbers in the business. We are able to let our employees work online at home without interrupting our production and business activities, both to ensure safety for workers and the community, and to help us reduce many unnecessary expenses. such as offices, utilities, stationery, …

It can be seen that FSI has prepared a lot of plans to cope with the disease, do you have any advice for businesses in this period?

Each business, each industry will have its own characteristics, so there is no one common formula for all. In the face of crisis, first of all businesses need to be calm, carefully assess the internal situation and external factors, thereby determining the worst-case scenario that will occur, in each situation where is Priority, or core activities that we will have to do, thereby focusing on sticking to the set goals.

A pandemic is very risky, but in "danger" there is always an "opportunity", what we do is prepare, so we can "react quickly" when the opportunity comes.
Many thanks,Sir. Along with the strategies and tactics that have been properly applied during this period, believe that the FSI will "break out" quickly after a pandemic and achieve its goals.