Document digitalization solution

DIONE document digitization solutions

Document digitization solutions is a topic that has been highly interested recently and truly becomes an indispensable and urgent issue for business organizations because it makes a difference in speed and superior thinking.

Model of D-IONE document digitization
Current document management situation in enterprises
  • 90% of document information is being stored on paper and on shelves
  • Documents that are difficult to find and search when in need: An employee spends 30-40% of working time on searching for information and documents 
  • 67% of data has been lost due to reasons relate to document searching and using
  • 70% of transactions can be failed if paper document is damaged, misplaced or not shared in time.
To solve such problem, businesses and organizations need a total solution to digitize archives.
General introduction about D-IONE document digitization solutions at FSI
D-IONE digitalization solution is a platform of intelligent document digitalization solution built according to ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 information security standard to meet the requirements of:
  • Information technology applications to high quality data processing 
  • Effective information and data management 
  • Providing fast and confidential information
  • Saving time, operating costs, improve work efficiency
The process of D-IONE document digitization digitizing D-IONE master archives of FSI
The process of D-IONE document digitization includes 7 steps:
Step 1: Collect paper documents
Step 2: Arrange, classify and adjust documents
Step 3: Scan the document
Step 4: Check the output file (perform 2 times)
- First time: Check 100% of the output file
- Second time: Check the probability of 30% output fiel
Step 5: Enter data, recognize characters
Apply either method or a combination of both:
- Automatic data entry - applicable to high quality originals and new documents
- Manual input - applicable to low quality originals, old and unrecognizable documents
Step 6: Check data input (perform 2 times)
- First time: Check 100% of the output file
- Second time: Check the probability of 30% output fiel
Step 7: Render and store information
Advantage of D-IONE document digitization solution
To enterprises, units, organizations
  • To save document management costs, help preserve and maintain data information longer
  • To retrieve, search, share, and exploit data information without limitation of space, distance, for quick decision-making.
  • Secure and secure information
  • Information security
  • Improve work efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises
To Government
  • To help complete and create databases by industry, field, centralized management and share conveniently, help public administration reform and improve the efficiency of online public services.
  • The procedures that take daily, weekly, even months before can be shortened in just a few minutes, up to several hours. At the same time, it serves to build e-government towards the start of industrial revolution 4.0.
FSI's capacity in providing a comprehensive solution for digitizing archives
  • To deploy digitization service according to information security standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and manage quality according to ISO 9001:2015
  • To have 12 years of experience in providing document digitization solutions
  • To operate as an exclusive and official distributor of digitization equipment to meet types, sizes and forms of documents.
  • Document management software won Sao Khue 2016, 2017, 2018
  • To have experience in implementing digitization projects, building major databases for agencies, provinces and groups
  • To use IONE identify and extract information automatically technology researched by the company to increase accuracy and save time and cost for customers. 
  • The staff of digital deployment is well-trained, professional, experienced
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