DOCEYE . document management solution

Document management solution

FSI's document management solution uses DocEye intelligent document management system to store and search documents effectively with many preeminent features. In addition, FSI's document management solution uses Vietnamese identity technology and automatically extracts information to make use easier and more convenient.


FSI document management solution

1. Defining the doceye intelligent document management system

The doceye intelligent document management system is the system to receive, manage, store and distribute all of the organization's unstructured information to users, to other applications and to the business processes of that organization. Besides, the doceye allows to customize according to the management needs of each customer with the process of storing documents, extracting information almost automatically.

2. Benefits of doceye intelligent document management system:


  • Maximize the collection of document attribute information, integrate Vietnamese identity and error correction system
  • Focus and process document management, provide quick, complete, accurate and confidential information,
  • Save operating costs, improve efficiency.
  • Solutions to manage documents and documents with Vietnamese identity technology and automatically extract information to make use easier and more convenient.
  • Operating in the internal network as well as on the Internet depending on the needs of customers ... help users access anywhere.



The doceye intelligent document management system model

3. The outstanding features of the doceye intelligent document management system such as:

A. Features of receiving information and documents

- Collect and classify documents:

+ Integrated scanner directly on the system

+ Download soft copy documents from computer

+ Can classify documents in the form of documents, decisions, reports, media, invoices, contracts, internal publications ...

- Identify and extract document information

+ Identify and fix Vietnamese errors

+ Can automatically extract information of administrative documents.

+ Can be peeled according to user-defined form template

+ Can be removed by OCR directly on the document

- Check and edit the information of the document if there are errors and save the changed version

- Storage: documents after checking and editing will be automatically put into the database, unused documents are put into the storage system

B. Information and document management features have been included

- Managing personal documents

+ Users build personal document store and store on software

+ Edit, update personal documents

+ Synchronize folders from personal computers to personal documents on the system

+ Share documents with other users and departments in the organization

- Warehouse management:

+ Create inventory and index directly on the system

+ Synchronize folders from personal computers to archives

+ Borrow return documents on the archive

+ Assigning rights to archives with users, groups, departments, and general decentralization in the same system.

- Dispatch management

+ Manage, store, search for dispatch and dispatch

+ Dispatch coming is stored on the system and transferred to the specialized department for processing.

- Search documents:

+ The software supports searching full text according to the content of the document

+ Search documents through fields of attribute information that have been extracted and stored

- Managing business processes:

+ Administration can build business processes

+ Users can create workflows by process or manually and track it

+ Exchange work directly in real time on the system

- Create statistical reports:

+ General and detailed documents by day, month, quarter and year

+ By room, type of document, number of jobs and even by each user

- Information security:

+ User account information

+ Detailed document information to each data field

+ Information is stored, encrypted data files, set a password

+ Authentication of digital signatures

- Backup - restore data:

+ Support backup and backup data according to predefined schedule

+ Backup and backup data manually

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