Solution to recognize characters

Solution to recognize characters

FSI's IONE data extraction solution allows character recognition and extraction of information from a variety of documents. The solution to extract IONE data is capable of recognizing Vietnamese characters up to 98% accurate.


(IONE technology)

FSI's IONE data extraction technology is integrated by 3 advanced technologies:

OCR word recognition technology: OCR technology allows converting image files (output images of scanners, cameras, image PDF files ...) into editable documents (text files, Word file ...), natural language processing and information extraction. With these functions, OCR can extract the red book, ID card, the contract documents ... The application of OCR technology helps the management and re-compilation of image documents, search documents whether the enterprise or state agencies become simple and convenient. Especially with a very large number of documents such as that book, ID card is not a waste of time and effort of state agencies. Using IONE is a solution to improve the quality of work and service people and customers.


(IONE removes red book information)

ICR handwriting recognition technology: The ICR handwriting recognition technology is a translation of handwritten characters into text with a computer-readable character. Information processed by ICR technology minimizes errors caused by data entry users and shortens data processing time compared to traditional data entry. With ICR, entering information from handwritten forms becomes much faster and more efficient, from a few hundred votes a day up to several thousand votes a day without worrying about errors.


(Identification and removal of handwriting)

OMR traces identification technology: The marking recognition technology is the technology to recognize optical marks on paper pages in a certain format. This technology can identify special signs that have been marked on paper at optical predetermined locations. Thanks to this feature, large number of answers or surveys will be saved easily without spending as much time as traditional methods. Not only that, users can trust almost completely the accuracy of OMR.

Advantages of IONE data extraction solution:

- Identify Vietnamese accurately> 90 to 98%.

- Digitizing schematics and images to achieve accuracy> 90%

- Parallel processing, reaching 6s performance / page

- Automatic data dissection does not depend on the document template

- Ready to integrate with customer systems

- Machine learning mechanism helps the system automatically improve accuracy

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Benefits of IONE data extraction solution

- Identify and extract information quickly with a large amount of documents in a short time

- Helping to exploit big data for management and business activities of units

- Save time manual input

- Minimize human resource input

- Increase productivity and work efficiency

- Ensure accuracy compared to original documents

- Increasing longevity for traditional documents and records

Integrated systems:

- Integrating into the system of document management software

- Integration into dispatch management system

- Integration into customer management system

- Integration into available software of customers

Applications of IONE data extraction solution:

- Application to extract text information

- Application of disseminating report and contract information

- Applying to peel off bank forms, insurance, telecommunications, market research

- Application to extract identity cards

- Application to extract red book information

- Application of extracting schema information

- Application of analysis and search by photos

- Other solutions as required


- IONE has been protected by copyright and trademark rights by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Department

- IONE technology integrated into DocEye document management software achieved the title of Sao khue 2016, 2017, 2018

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