Paperless meeting solution P-IONE

Paperless meeting solution P-IONE

Documents in meetings at state management agencies from documents, reports, directives and related documents are used in paper. To overcome the above limitations, P-IONE was built with the goal of reducing administrative paperwork in the meeting room, speeding up working efficiency, saving time, and saving costs to help leaders make decisions. Timely, fast and accurate determination contributes to building e-government. At the same time, creating a multi-dimensional and instantaneous environment where users can share information, exchange and feedback easily.

Demand for paperless meeting solutions of agencies and organizations today

giải pháp họp không giấy P-IONE

Traditional meetings of agencies and organizations often consume a lot of papers and documents

37% of staff time at organizations is spent in meetings. However, traditional meetings are facing problems such as:

-   Meeting documents are mainly in the form of paper documents, consuming time and printing costs
-    At the meeting, the delegates only received the meeting documents, so there was a lack of preparation in advance, the contributions in the meeting did not achieve high results.
-   Delegates invited to attend easily forget the calendar and miss the calendar because of the lack of a reminder mechanism
-   It is difficult for delegates to grasp the content of the meeting if they do not directly attend
-    There is no means of storing meeting information, it is difficult to make statistics on the quality of annual meetings
-    After each meeting, collecting opinions and summarizing the draft resolution is easy to cause errors and lack of ideas in the synthesis.

Paperless meeting solution P-IONE will help your organization completely eliminate the above problems.

Paperless meeting solution P-IONE

giải pháp họp không giấy P-IONE

Paperless meeting solution P-IONE

Paperless meeting solution P-IONE is a software that supports organizing meetings by traditional methods on the network environment to improve the quality of meetings in the operation of state administrative agencies at all levels, industries.

With P-IONE, state administrative agencies at all levels and sectors will reduce the number and improve the quality of meetings, making a positive contribution to innovation, improving effectiveness and efficiency. results of the direction and administration of the heads of state administrative agencies, meeting the requirements of administrative reform.

Benefits of the paperless meeting solution P-IONE

-    Provide full meeting information: the main information of the meeting such as meeting content, time, chairperson, secretary, meeting documents,... are displayed visually in the meeting information. meeting
-   Cost savings: Save 50% on printing costs and reduce sessions by 30%
-    Meeting performance improvement statistics: Allows statistics of total number of meetings initiated, number of completed meetings, canceled meetings, ongoing meetings in the selected time period (week, month) , year quarter)
-   Minimize forgetting, missing meeting schedule: Calendar notification, calendar reminder by SMS, Email, Notification Mobile App thereby avoiding forgetting the schedule
-    Easily control the number of delegates who confirm to attend the meeting, the list of authorized officials, the list of officials who refuse to attend the meeting.
-   Issuing meeting decisions quickly: Integrated V-IONE voice-to-text technology enables instant text-to-text conversion of meeting participants' statements directly
-   Enhance connectivity: delegates easily interact in multiple ways, instantly exchanging and sharing a variety of data before, during and after the meeting
-   Security and safety: Software deployed on the organization's infrastructure should ensure 100% of the security of the meeting

Features of P-IONE

Meeting Management

-   Assignment of responsibility for agencies, units to prepare content, locations and other issues related to the organization of meetings
-   Initiate meeting information quickly with pre-declared information and user groups
-    Notify participants in advance through paperless meeting software (SMS, Email, Mobile App)
-   Unlimited members, the number of people attending the meeting includes guests from outside agencies
-   Schedule to send reminder messages to avoid forgetting the meeting schedule (SMS, Email, Mobile App)


-    Can authorize subordinates to attend the meeting on behalf of / transfer the secretary / refuse to attend. The change of participating staff is recorded and notified to the organizer and authorized person via the software
-   Can participate in studying documents and documents of the meeting, commenting on documents before coming to the meeting
-   Participate in expressing opinions in the meeting or participate in voting on the software interface
-    Can look up and access documents of ended meetings anytime, anywhere

Monitor and run the meeting

-   Allows to monitor the list of delegates who have access to the meeting schedule, time to view the calendar, and time to view the meeting invitation
-   Ensure the ability to check and monitor the list of officials attending the meeting, the list of absent staff with reasons for absence
-   Allows to synthesize opinions of delegates before and during the meeting
-    For meetings with a lot of content, make sure that delegates attending the meeting content can only access the meeting documents of that content.
-   Allows to create voting in the contents, record opinions, conclude the content of the meeting chairperson, start and end a specific meeting content
-   Allow to attach meeting conclusion when meeting ends

Advantages of the software

-   Compliance with information safety and security according to Decree 85/2016/ND-CP
-   Integrating voice-to-text software V-IONE allows to record the exchange and interaction of leaders with members and convert directly into meeting documents to help the synthesis department in charge Update meeting documents and meeting conclusions quickly right on the system
-    Smart connection with devices: TV screen, QR Code machine, Laptop/Tablet, SMS/Email, etc.
-    User-friendly interface, highly interactive features.
-    Flexible supply model: Deploy in a large-scale and decentralized model so that units can actively update and administer the system. There is a separate deployment model for units with high-level information security requirements.
-    The system serves and responds to a wide range of users, including employees of the unit and guests from outside units.
-    Update references before the meeting: Documents related to the meeting are attached with the meeting invitation to help delegates have more time to study the document, understand the meeting content, reduce time, improve meeting quality.
-    Control participants with QR code: Delegates scan the QR code before joining the meeting, so the organizer can control who participated in that meeting.


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