Digital Transformation Solution

Digital Transformation Solution

Digital transformation is an inevitable trend in the industrial revolution 4.0 era, but it is not a simple task for every organization to transform successful, efficiency and cost savings

Current situation of organizations

1. Data, processes, ...

According to report of reputed organizations in the world, with strong influence in recent years, digital transformation will help businesses increase labor productivity about 30 - 40%, contributing up to 20 - 30% GDP growth. Digital transformation helps businesses increase 55% of total profits within 3 years

A Cisco’s survey shows that businesses are facing barriers in digital transformation such as:

  • 17% lack digital skills and manpower
  • 16.7% lack information technology platform
  • 15.7% lack digital thinking or digital transformation culture in businesses

Those resulted in many difficulty for businesses when they want to deploy digital transformation.

2. The level of interest and investment by organizations

Embracing the importance of digital transformation, many businesses and organizations have begun focusing on this issue. According to IDC's 2018 survey, nearly 90% of businesses have started digital transformation with different steps, more than 30% business leaders consider digital transformation as a vital issue.

According to Cisco report, Vietnamese small and medium enterprises are investing in digital transformation through:

  • Cloud technology (18%),
  • Network security (12.7%),
  • Upgrade software, hardware for digital conversion (10.7%).

Businesses also said that the three issues they are most interested in when implementing digital transformation include:

  • Resources for deployment (55.7%)
  • Computerization is different from digital transformation (39.2%).
  • How should digital transformation begin (38.4%)

It can be seen that we need a total and details solution for digital transformation to solve this difficulty for businesses.

What is Digital Transformation?

According to FSI, Digital transformation in organizations and businesses is the process of changing from the traditional model to digital businesses, by applying new technologies such as big data (Big data), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud computing (Cloud) ... changing the way of operating, leadership, working processes, business culture ...

Benefits of digital transformation

Digital transformation brings many benefits such as reducing operating costs, reaching more customers in longer time, leading decision makers more quickly and accurately thanks to the timely reporting system. Thereby, operational efficiency and competitiveness of organizations and businesses are enhanced.

The great benefits of digital conversion include:

  • 21% increase in labor efficiency
  • Increasing the efficiency from 30 - 40% to 100% of digital management and operation solutions, thereby improving the competitive efficiency for businesses.
  • An average increase of 55% of total corporate profits
  • Save up to 50% on administration and personnel costs
  • Save 30-40% of the time
  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve cooperation between departments
  • Better information management

Digital transformation solution of FSI

In practice, digital transformation phases will depend on characteristics of business, business sectors, product positioning, and customers. However, the successful digital transformation units and businesses go through the basic steps of conversion:

  • Establishing Digital strategy (Digital strategy) - Digital culture (Digital culture)
  • Building equipment infrastructure and connection
  • Policy development
  • Building human resources
  • Building data infrastructure
  • Building the application

FSI consults and provides technology solutions and services that meet the organization's 6-step transformation preparation.

The process of consulting and providing solutions of FSI includes:

  • Step 1: Receiving customer information
  • Step 2: Conduct a preliminary survey, assess the current status of the business
  • Step 3: Make a master plan, presentation of the plan and quote
  • Step 4: Sign the contract and deploy the items
  • Step 5: Training and transfer
  • Step 6: Acceptance
  • Step 7: Warranty support

FSI’ digital transformation solution

Digital transformation is an irreversible trend, in which data is the most valuable asset of an enterprise. According to GS. Ho Tu Bao - Director of the John Von Neumann Institute: "Digital transformation should start from digitizing all data". Grasping that trend, FSI - the leading digital transformation enterprise in Vietnam has started providing consulting services and solutions related to digital transformation.

D-IONE intelligent digitizing system is a system that helps units and organizations deploy, process, create big data, high-quality in a short time with cost savings. At the same time, it is a information and data management system that helps units and organizations improve work efficiency, save operating costs and increase competitiveness.

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IONE - Automatic information recognition and extraction technology: Integrates many intelligent technologies such as: Auto Extract Information, Machine learning, Deep Learning, AI, ... help identify information automatically accurate> 95%, thereby improving accuracy and saving time creating large databases (Big Data) for customers.

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DocEye database management software: DocEye helps to manage the organization's digital data professionally, saving search time and assisting units in decision making. At the same time, DocEye easily integrates with the organization's available system software, to create a data management, interoperability and synchronization business.

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WEONE - Business process automation system provides simple management solutions, on a single platform, help enterprises optimize management and operation efficiency.

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FSI's digital transformation supply capability

  • Top 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam and Top 10 IT enterprises with excellent technology capability 4.0
  • Software for digital transformation has won many big and prestigious awards such as: D-IONE won the 3rd Prize of Vietnamese Talent 2019, DocEye won Sao Khue Award for 3 consecutive years 2016-2018 and Software conversion award Typical numbers 2019.
  • Acquired information security certification ISO / IEC 27001, ISO 9001
  • Over 15 years of experience in the field of supply and implementation of large and key nationalized digital projects such as: National Database on Managing Business Registration of Enterprises, National Database on Population, Land, Finance, ... Database of large enterprises, multinational corporations of Japan, USA, Korea, ...
  • The consulting team is the leading experts in the field of digital transformation consulting, experienced consultants, advisers of national projects and large foreign projects.
  • Human resources> 300 people, good at professionalism, enthusiasm, dedication

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