Solution of multiple choice test

Solution of multiple choice test

Software for testing examinations provided by FSI has won the first prize in the Vietnam Talent Contest 2006 and is trusted by the Ministry of Education and Training, making it easy to manage multiple choice exams, giving 100% accurate results

Currently, multiple-choice testing is a very popular form of examination in countries around the world. In Vietnam, this form of examination is also being widely applied in schools. It is undeniable that the superiority of this form is:

- In the multiple-choice tests, the clarity of the answers helps to reduce errors in calculating points for students and students. exam.

- Time for marking examinations is also relatively fast, increasing efficiency and especially reducing the cost of marking examinations due to hiring teachers.

Contributing to these effects must be included with the test software included.

Testing software provided by FSI: 0904 805 255

Software marking the multiple-choice exam provided by FSI is the VTS software (Software received the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award in 2002, the first prize of the Vietnam Talent Contest 2006) with the following internal strengths :

1. Testing software can identify all existing test card forms.
2. The marking speed of the test software is very high, at least 20 lessons / minute.
3. The test software has the function of storing and summarizing the test results, automatically entering the results of the test according to the serial number and exam code.
4. Testing software is directly passed through the interface on the computer screen without the need for a scanner. This function allows to re-check the results that have been automatically marked by the scanner (when required).
5. The test software has the function to save the examination journal, inform the non-standard papers or the form that makes a serious error on the form.
6. The test software has the function of preserving the original version of the test card after being marked. Any intervention, change of the content of the test ticket (after being completed) will be detected.
Why choose FSI to provide testing software

Examination software provided by FSI supports all stages of managing student database (source of candidates), subject management and subject subject bank, list of candidates and exam rooms , automatically creating the title and exam card, automatically marking and processing results after the test, including reporting and updating the training database. Users only need to install and use it without programming any additional functions. The software can be split into 3, 4 separate software such as designing separate forms, scanning and identifying, own exam management, question bank management and making separate topics. FSI solutions can be used for all competitions, multiple choice exams in Vietnam.

Currently on the internet share many free testing software and download it for free, but most of the trial for a while and many errors affect the test results so you should consider when Use these tests.

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