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FSI's document scanning service meets all the scanning needs of customers with the most competitive prices. Currently FSI document scanning service includes 2 main service packages: Scanning service onsite and offsite

Introducing document scanning service at FSI
Service scans Onsite documents
Our staff will bring the scanner to and perform a scan at the office or any location designated by the customer. The process of scanning our documents often takes the following steps:
1. Step 1: Receive documents
FSI receives materials from the customer representative. In case the customer requests, all personnel in charge of the scan will sign a commitment to absolute confidentiality of the information they handle according to the standards of ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 information security system.
2. Step 2: Prepare documents
Hard covers, paper clips, and nail pins are all removed from the document. At the same time, we also conduct quality checks of documents to separate torn or substandard pages.
3. Step 3: Scan and set up the image system
All documents are included in the scan with the devices of the firm plustek, HP, Kodak .... The maximum capacity can be achieved is 100,000 sheets / day. The scanned image will be named automatically according to customer requirements and formatted with TIFF, JPEG, PDF, RTF or Searchable PDF. Besides, this software also performs the classification and setting up scanning system according to the barcode (barcode), separation code (patch code), optical character recognition area (OCR, including MICR ) and absolutely unlimited number of regions and characters
4. Step 4: Quality inspection
We conduct scanned images according to the technical standards of the scanning device (12% of the total images available). Quality control procedures are always carried out and maintained during the ISO 9001: 2013 scanning process.
Service scans offsite documents
FSI will go to the location of the customer to receive the scanned documents to bring to the service room to digitize the data. The scanning process will be done similarly to the scan at the customer's location and the information will be absolutely confidential.
After the scan procedure steps are completed, we will also deliver the CD, DVD containing scanned images and paper documents to the customer's location. In addition, we can deliver the payment by downloading the file containing the scanned image onto the FTP Server or the website provided by the customer. Customers will be fully assured of our professional staff and our secure workflow.
FSI's data scanning service helps your company reduce costs instead of buying a separate scanner. Moreover, technical support and associated solutions and services are also available such as digitalization solutions, data conversion,...
Why should I choose FSI document scanning service?
Advantages of FSI rental scanning service
• Scan quickly and accurately. Ensure the commitment time
• Information is kept confidential according to ISO/IEC 27001: 2013
• Competitive implementation costs
• Consult effective management solutions after scanning
• Help customers improve business performance
Implementation capacity of FSI
• Plustek scanner exclusive distributor, A0 SMA scanner in Vietnam
• Gold partner of Kodak scanner brand
• Exclusive distributor of large format scanner (A0) ROWE in Indochina
• Official agent of scanner firms: Canon, HP, Fujitsu, Brother, Epson, ...
• Obtain ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 information security certification
• Trusted partner of large enterprise organizations: Viettel Group, AIA Insurance Group, Group Prudential insurance, ...
• Human resources deployed scanning over 100 graduates from large universities, colleges, well-trained and experienced in implementing many projects

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