Scanner for rent services

SCANNERS FOR RENT SERVICE ׀ Cost saving solution for businesses

Various kind of scanners for rent at competitive price, commitment to operate 24/7. FSI scanner rental service helps saving costs, improving operational efficiency.

Scanners for rent service
When should you use the scanner rental service?
1. The number of documents to be scanned is not much, arises irregularly and only needs to be scanned for a short time of a few months
2. You don't want to invest in a new scanner at a high cost
3. Documents require very high security, so cannot use scanning service
Due to that fact, FSI provides a dedicated scanner rental service that meets all customer requirements for scanning.
Advantages of scanner rental service at FSI
1. Do not waste a large amount of money to buy scanners
2. No cost to consumable supplies, no need to worry about broken machines: During the process of renting scanners, FSI will repair and replace for free for customers whenever the scanners have trouble, 
3. Ensuring that the machine operates 24/7: When the machine goes down, FSI will come and fix it at the customer's location, for those machines that need a long time to repair, FSI will provide an equivalent scanner for replacement to ensure the scan schedule for customers
4. Advising effective document management solutions and providing professional document digitalization software for free to help customers improve their operational efficiency.
5. Committing to competitive rental rates, professional accompanying services
Capacity provides scanner rental service of FSI
- Plustek scanner exclusive distributor in Vietnam
- Gold partner of Kodak scanner brand
- Exclusive distributor of large format scanner (A0) ROWE 
- Exclusive distributor of large format scanner (A0) SMA in Vietnam
- Official agent of scanner firms: Canon, HP, Fujitsu, Brother, Epson, ...
- FSI provides all types of specialized scanners to meet all customer needs such as:
  • Scanner of paper sizes from A6 - A0
  • Scanner of materials such as: films, plastic cards, books ...
  • Scanner of paper different thicknesses such as: bills, receipts, 3 mm thick paper
  • High-speed, high-capacity scanner
    For more information, please contact:
    Hotline : 0904 805 255