Data entry & data conversion services

Import & data conversion

FSI is considered one of the most professional units offer data entry services and data coversion services nowaday. Data entry Services and Data Conversion services of FSI help you to save the maximum cost and improve work efficiency.

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I.      Overview of input & convert data service

II.    FSI’s input & convert data service

III.   Why choose FSI’s service

I.  Overview of Import and Data Conversion:

For almost organizations and businesses, having a fully and digitalization database system for retrieving and storing is very important. However, it spends lots of time and effort to implement an input & convert data project by themselves. Besides, it result from people management, process building, Quality of Service (QoS),…

FSI’s Input & convert data service based on digitalized and optimize database system will solve all problems for organizations and businesses to enhance competitiveness.

Benefit of FSI’s input & convert data service

-         Quickly and exactly searching

-         Easily extracted need information

-         Share simple, improve performance

-         Modify after process convenient

-         Reduce lost document during storage

II. FSI's Import and Data Conversion Service:

1. Input data Service:

1.1. Offline input:

From customer’s paper document like forms, magazines, catalogs, dictionaries, advertisements, mails…, FSI’s specialists will input into data.

a.  Input method

According to requirement, specialist will build a input program following two methods:

  • Two times input independent :

Via the program, data will input 2 times independent by 2 separate specialists. Program will be compare 2 results automatic to filter different data. The highest rate of difference between 2 times input independent is only 7%. The 3rd specialist will check different data and modifier to match 100%  of raw document.

  • Once time input and check data :

FSI’s specialist input data into database via specified input program. From this program, 2nd specialist will track and refer 100% of input data against raw document to find and fix errors.

b. Check data:

Data input from 2 methods will be random check about 5 – 12% by QA specialist. After this period, data input will be reach accuracy of 99,9%. QA unit is responsible for checking all phases of data processing from building program to input & control data to ensure the process according to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

c. Compress and transfer data:

The output data is compressed to formats including .txt, .doc, .rtf, .pdf, .html, . xml… to the requirement of customer. FSI will transfer the data in form of CD, DVD, upload to FTP Server or website. FSI will also give paper document and image data back to customer.

1.2. Online input :

FSI’s specialist will input data directly to customer’s website or online database via Internet or VPN. With the special training team, FSI totally confident to bring accurate and high speed to customer.

Documents often use for this service: catalog, card visit, library card, customer profile, account information…

2.     Convert data service

2.1.  Convert paper document

Paper documents like catalog, yearbooks, directories, advertisements, books, newspapers… or text, image will be convert into data to modify, store easily to give high value and cost saving for customer.

Steps of convert data process:

Step 1: Scan document

FSI scan customer’s paper document by high speed specified scanner. All documents will be converted and processed into digitalization data.

Step 2: Character recognition

Based on Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition, Vietnamese Character Recognition VnDOCR, digitalization data will be auto recognized and extracted with the accuracy of 99,95%.

Step 3:  Format

From extracted raw document, FSI’s specialist will format the data in order of customer’s requirement such as page layout, insert mark, insert xml code, insert special characte

Step 4:Quality of Service

QA specialist check contents and format of data to improve accuracy. QA unit will check all phases of process to ensure the data has been processing according to ISO 9001:2008 standard at the same time

Step 5: Compress data

Fully-done data will be compressed to format as .doc, .txt, .qxd or xml, html, pdf and transfer to customer in form of CD, DVD or upload to FTP Server. Paper document and digitalization data will be given back to customer after finish the process.

1.2.   Convert data service

FSI apply and develop state of the art technologies to convert available data into other structures to ready for customer’s application in the future. Convert data process will be implemented through many phases in order of customer’s requirement. Using our service, customer’s data will be converted accurate, fast and secure in the best condition.

Form of converter :

-         Convert into XML, HTML, SGML

-         Convert into PDF

III. Why choose FSI: 

Advantage of FSI Scanning Service:

-         Quick and Accurate. Time fixed assurance

-         Information is secured by ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Standard

-         Implementing cost is competitive

-         Advice effect management solutions

-         Help customer to improve business performance.

FSI ability:

-         The exclusive distributor of Plustek Scanner, SMA A0-size Scanner in VN

-         Kodak Gold Partner

-         The exclusive distributor Rowe A0-size Scanner in Indochina

-         Official branch of Canon, HP, Fujitsu, Brother, Epson… Scanner

-         Achieve Information Security ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

-         Reliable partner of major organizations: Viettel Corporation , AIA Insurance Company, Insurance Company Prudential…

-         Developer team has more than 100 people that graduated Universities, colleges are training and having experience.

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