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Service BPO

Having provided BPO service since 2007,until now, BPO services of FSI is the No.1 choice of the professional organization by the efficient and competitive cost.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) means using the services of professional external providers instead of hiring in-house employees, in order to reduce costs and focus on increasing competitiveness and developing an enterprise’s core business. BPO, also called 'enterprise process services', 'enterprise operation services' or 'operation outsourcing', is a rapidly developing sector in many countries such as China, India, and the Philippines, among others. BPO is one of the fastest industrial in many countries as China, India, Philippines…

Service BPO

I. Benefit of BPO Service:


  • Provides approach to human resources, modern processes, state of the art technology and the most effective and practical ways to manage your business operations.
  • Cuts management time and allows the enterprise to focus on running the business.
  • Offers flexibility for managing profits and supplies for developing the enterprise, while saving investment capital.
  • Allows the enterprise to maintain control of its projects and facilitates management.
  • Push up the developing of environment, in which new processes are under control and highest cost reduction for the enterprise.

II. FSI BPO Service:

1.     Data Processing:

The execution of processing data is closed to give accurate result and security from collecting and processing information of customer’s requirement based on available forms with the shortest time.

FSI Service can deal with almost all format forms including : Invoice, Document, Survey, Contract, Financial Report…

The steps of Processing Data:

Step 1: Scan form:

We will use specialized scanner to scan forms that receive from customer to convert paper documents into digital images.

Step 2: Accessing Data:

Based on state of the art technology recognition like Form Reader, OCR, Fscanner, Kodak Capture Pro… FSI develop unique software for each form to access the digital data. The highest precision of recognition software for clear image can be up to 99.99%.

Step 3: Checking Data :

Contain 2 Checking:

  • Check data that random read from software
  • Check whole data that unread from software.

Step 4: Data:

Digital data will be rendered in order of customer’s requirement like CD, DVD, FTP Protocol or will be uploaded to website. Digital images and forms after the process.

2.Database Management:

FSI’s Database Management Service include 3 main parts :

2.1 Collect database information:

FSI collect information from available databases, websites or any source provided by customer. All information will be import into Word, Excel, Access or web, database, server…

Some ways to collect information:

  • Via telephone
  • Via Internet
  • Via record

2.2. Check and fully done database :

From available database, FSI test the accuracy and relevance of data and compare to customer’s requirement. Error, unavailable data will be edited or removed to have a system database perfectly.

2.3. Storage and management database solution

FSI provide services from collecting, converting data till design software for storage and management data. Customer can provide us their information or requirement about information, database. Final product will be delivered to customer by CD, DVD or any required methods.

Advantage of this solution is all data will be logical, coherent organized and very easy to use, search or update. This solution is often use to formats like catalog, newspaper, book, magazine, drawing, email…

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