Test solution examiner

Testing software provided by FSI was claimed Top 1 of Nhan tai Dat Viet award in 2006 and trusted by Ministry of Education and Training, making the test management easily with 100% accuracy.





Multiple-choice questions test is very popular in many countries including Vietnam and it has been widely used at schools. The immutable advantages of testing are:

-         Clear answer in test helps to reduce mistake in calculating total score. It increases accuracy and independently in providing result of the test.

-         Time span for test result marking is rather fast, high efficiency and especially cut costs from hiring teachers for marking.


Operating model to test examiner solution is described as the following diagram :




Testing software provided by FSI is VTS (has VIFOTEC award in 2002, Top 1 Nhan tai Dat Viet award in 2006) was high rated by MOET with the following outstanding:

-         Testing software can identify all the forms of examiner

-         Testing software speed is at least 20 exams per minute

-         Testing software can store and collect the results, automatic import results in order of student or exam code.

-         Testing software will execute directly via computer interface without scanning. This function allow to re-check the results of automatic mark by scanning (if required).

-         Testing software can save the mark log and notice the exam has misused forms or below standard.

-         Testing software will preserve original of exam after the test. Any intervention will be detected.


Testing software provided by FSI support all stages of student management database, course management and exam bank. Testing software will list students and rooms, auto generate the exam, auto mark and process the result, including report and update the database. After user install, everything is done. Testing software also can split into 3 or 4 separate unique softwares such as form design, scan and identity, management exam, management bank and generate exam. FSI solution can use for all competitions and testing programs in Viet Nam.