Data Extraction Solution

FSI's data extraction solution IONE allows to recognize character and extract the information from a variety of document formats. Data extraction solution IONE has the ability to recognize Vietnamese characters up to 98% accuracy.

Data extraction solution IONE


Data extraction solution IONE is integrated by three advanced technologies:


Optical character recognition (OCR): OCR allows converting image format documents (the output of image scanners, digital cameras, file photo PDF...) document can be editors (text files, Word files,...), natural language processing and information dissection. With this functionality, OCR can add red book dissection, ID CARD, the process of writing the contract. The application of OCR technology to help manage work, compiling the document type, document search of enterprises or the State Agency becomes simple and convenient. Especially with large numbers of documents as shared it, ID the import information system no longer is time-consuming work, effort of the State authorities. Use the IONE is the solution to help improve the quality of work and serve the people and customers.

IONE extract land certificate


Handwriting recognition technology ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition): is the translation from handwritten characters into text with characters that a computer can read. Information which is processed by ICR technology can minimize errors caused by the originator and shorten processing time compared to traditional data entry. With ICR, entering information from hand-filled forms becomes quicker and more efficient, ranging from a few hundred votes in a day to several hundred votes in a single day without errors.

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition): is an optical mark recognition technology on paper in a certain format. This technology can identify special markings that have been marked on paper in pre-determined optical locations. Thanks to this feature, the answers or surveys in large numbers will be saved easily without spending much time as traditional methods. the user can trust the almost absolute accuracy of the OMR.


Advantages of the solution data dissection IONE:


- Recognize Vietnamese exactly 90% to 98%.

- Digitization diagram, image exactly > 90%

- Parallel operation, the performance achieved 6s/page

- Extract data automation, independent from form

- Integrating with the customer's system

- Machine learning system help to improve accuracy


Benefits of the solution data dissection IONE


- Identify and extract information quickly with large amounts of material in a short time

- Save time entering data manually

- Reduce human resource to data entry

- Increased productivity and efficiency

- Ensure exactly compared to the original document

- Increased longevity for documents


The system can be integrated:


- Integrated into the Document management system

- Integrated into the Customer management system

- Integrated into the Official document management system

- Integrated into the other system


The application of Data extraction solution IONE:


- Application to extract the informations of documents, contracts, form’s insurance, market research, land certificate, diagram digitizing, …

- Application analysis and search by photo

- Other solutions on request



- IONE technology which is integrated into DocPro document management software achieves Sao Khue 2016 & 2017