The service digitalizes document, book, newspaper, image professionally on the top

The FSI’s digitization service is the most professional digitization service in Vietnam. We digitalize all kinds of documents, sizes and provide the solutions to improve managing efficiency, using document for customer.

FSI is exclusive and standard distributor of famous scanner brands as: larger format scanner Rowe, SMA, and other scanners what scan film, document, book, like: Kodak, Plustek, Canon, HP, Fujitsu. FSI also is the top on the digitization market. FSI’s scanners always is available for customers anytime, anywhere with perfect quality.


A. Digitization documents include:

FSI can digitalize document quickly, easily all different documents those include:

- Document, text, file, normal paper, with unlimited size or doubling A0 paper

- Book, magazine,

- Image, film, paper card, ID….


B. Some kinds of FSI’s digital service

I. Digital document at other places

Our digitization document is carried out by steps:

1.Receive documents from customers

FSI’s staffs receive customer’s documents, FSI absolutely commits to security customer’s information with the system ISO 27001:2013.

2.Check and classify documents

Check and classify documents about material, quality, size...and eliminate paper- clip.

3.Scan and set up storing file system

All documents move into scanners like Rowe, SMA, Kodak, Plustek, .. maximum power can reach 100000 paper/ day, use it automatically.


Refer some kinds of scanner lines at:


Scan files  will be named automatically with customer’s requirement and they are converted to TIFF, JPEG, PDF, RTF or Searchable PDF. Besides, We use advanced options like setting up scan file with barcode, patch code, OCR, MICR and don’t limit amount of area, character.

4.Check quality

FSI’s staffs carry out checking scan file with scanner’s standard. This always happens when scanning with ISO 9001:2008. Standard


Process professionally digitized document FSI


II. Digitization document at FSI company

FSI’s staff will come to customer’s place to receive document and use scanning process to scan documents. We make sure with customers that we always security their documents absolutely.

After scanning finished, FSI give the customer scanning file by USB, DVD, CD… and original documents at customer’s location.

With professional process, high quality, FSI’s digitization service is developing and receive believe from customers. FSI have a lot of machine lines with modern software what satisfy customer’s requirements. We can digitalize from A5 to A0 paper.


C. Some prominent customers what use FSI’s service

- Phòng tư pháp Hai Bà Trưng_  Justice Department Hai Ba Trung

- Sở Quy Hoạch Kiến Trúc_ Architecture

- Viện Quy Hoạch Xây Dựng

- Công ty bảo hiểm AIA

More detail at:


D. Advantages of FSI’s Digitization document service

Digitalize document by security information standard ISO 27001:2013

Technical staffs have many experience years in digitization, they were trained domestic and foreign country

Carry out successful digitization project in Vietnam. FSI is reliable partner of big organizations, enterprises like: MB Bank, AIA insurance group, Viettel, Mobilephone…

Provide the solution of digitization , saving time, expense for customer.

Consultant free, support 14/7 before and after carrying out.


Hotline: 0904 805 255