Workshop: "Large Format Scanner Rowe, SMA and document management system Docpro"

In the afternoon 27th of May, 2015 at Candle hotel, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi FSI held a seminar what launched a chain of leading large scanners in the world: Rowe, SMA that were distributed exclusively by FSI and smart document managing system DocPro was built by FSI company. The seminar attracted a lot of guest’s consideration to join.

Workshop: "Large Format Scanner Rowe, SMA and document management system Docpro"


Demanding to scan some kinds of documents, books, newspapers and big maps at library, publisher, data center, Petrol company, construction, architecture as necessary as. However, there are seldom format scanners what can met stern requirements about images quality, protecting original documents and other smart features when digitalizing documents in Vietnam market. On the other hand, It is hard for digitization in Vietnam market to build a effective document storing  system, optioning with demand of user flexibly, be convenient in looking up, improving effect of work of enterprises, organizations…  


With many years of experience in digitization field, FSI knows customer’s difficulties and hopes when digitalizing format documents. As a result, in this seminar, FSI focuses on presenting best large scanners in the world with 2 famous brands of Germany: Rowe, SMA and the resolution of smart document managing system Docpro to help customers deal with difficulties in digitization



Large Format Scanner Rowe


With large scanners lines of Rowe, this is preeminent product line in the market, manufacturing at Germany with highest technology to process large documents. Strength of this scanner includes: maximum optical resolution reaches 2400dpi, adjusting the thick of document with 30mm automatically. On the other hand, it recognizes scanning area to scan exactly and allow scan perfectly, nice image in first scanning, and don’t be limited contrast or quality of document. Especially Rowe recognizes scanning area, compares with original to correct automatically. Besides larger scanner Rowe uses cloud technology, allows users scan and store file easily



Large Format Scanner SMA robot


FSI presents large scanners line of SMA( other famous brand of Germany, it was established 1960, manufacturing larger scanner, book scanner, flatbed larger scanner, there were distributed at more 100 countries in the world) as: Robotic scanner A0, A1, A2, map scanners, book scanners, film scanners


Large scanner SMA have variety models from book scanner to robotic scanner, film scanner, microfilm film… with the same scanning range, it is biggest in the world now( x2 A0 at Map Master XXL scanner) the patented technology is advanced as : high resolution, scanning to not depend on environment light. These make SMA scanners trust to use at some kinds of different customers like: Library, army, government , bank, data center.. at different countries: USA, Russia, Germany, India, China…



Customers experience in software DocPro workshop



Customer Experience large format scanner Rowe


Besides large scanners what were presented at seminar, the smart document managing system DocPro was made by FSI, FSI researched and developed which receive guest’s attention. Because this system was researched and carried out with real demand of Vietnamese customers. Some kind of main functions like: receive  non-structure information and manage them, mange data, security user’s information, create statistic report, recognize character… the Docpro system maximum in gathering information, recognizing and correcting Vietnamese. It also focuses on and processes data management, provides information quickly, therefore it helps to save cost to operate, improve efficiency.


Mr. Tran Trung Huynh- the manager of storing and informational land center- General land Management says:” I really impress with the solution of software that was researched and carried out by FSI. This solution will help data management more convenient than other recent software. Besides I appreciate when using it useful and efficient. I hope to have a corporation between General land Management and FSI in near future”.


Once again, this FSI’s seminar continuously was appreciated from partners, guest. FSI believes that the FSI’s products, solutions will help enterprises, organizations, companies success in next time.