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Software tests are more practical needs of business administrative units Vietnam. FSI provides software testing professional, accurate and price competitive.

Software tests are more practical needs of business administrative units Vietnam. FSI provides software testing professional, accurate and price competitive.

Currently tests are a very popular form of competition in countries around the world. In Vietnam, this form of competition is also being applied widely in schools. It is undeniable superiority of this method that Vietnam is:

- In all tests the clarity of the answer to help reduce errors in the calculation of points for students, it led to the birth vien. Dieu enhance the accuracy and objectivity in making the results of all competition;

- Time to put the test is relatively rapid, increase efficiency and reduce costs especially for judging teachers by hiring the dots.

- Contributing to achieving effective software including the accompanying tests.

Operational model for software testing

Currently on the market there are many different test software is sold with features and various advantages. Software testing is provided by FSI software VTS (Software Innovation Award Vietnam Science and Technology in 2002, first prize Vietnam Talent Contest 2006) with the following outstanding advantages:

1 . Software testing can identify all the forms available tests.

2 . Speed ​​marking of software tests is very high, at least 20 articles/minute .

3 . Software tests have functional storage and synthetic test results, the results all automatically done in accordance examinee number  exam code.

4 . Software testing directly through the interface dot on a computer screen through the scanner without. This function allows test results have been put through the scanner automatically (when required ) .

. Software tests have functional judging logging, notification of all do not share the standard or heavy make mistakes all the forms.

6 . Software testing can preserve the function of the original stock after the dot test. All interventions, share content change implementation (after finishing dots) were detected .

Software tests provided by FSI support all stages of database management trainees (source candidates), management courses and subjects the bank 's problem, to the list of candidates and exam rooms, automatically generates threads and vote execution, and automatically stop processing after examination results including report generation and database updates training
Users simply install is complete non-programmers to use any function . Software can be divided into 3 separate 4 software as its own form design , scan and separate identities , separate management exams , question bank management and separate threads.



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